Brucellosis accreditation

Brucellosis is a very important economic disease of sheep, causing reduced fertility and production in flocks. A good way to manage this disease is by eradication. Brad can assist you in eradicating the disease from your flock, and certifying that your flock is free from disease. This is a very useful marketing tool for ram producers, and can help lead to receiving a premium for your rams.

Individual animal medicine

Brad believes in the value of treating individual animals when needed. Regardless of whether it is a high value stud ewe, or your kids pet poddy lamb, Brad is able to help you diagnose and treat problems in your sheep.

Flock health consultations and advice

No-one wants to be wasting money these days. By combining animal health with sound economic principles, Brad can work with you to tailor your flock management, to help maximise your returns and increase your profitability. He is able to give professional targeted advice towards improved production in sheep flocks such as increasing lamb survival, growth rates and wool production. Talk to Brad today about how he can help improve the profitability of your farming business.

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