Ultrasound and manual pregnancy testing

Brad is equipped with the latest in ultrasound technology for accurate ultrasound pregnancy testing down to 35days. He has plenty of experience in both dairy and beef. From time spent in small dairies in Scotland, to large cattle stations in northern Australia, no mob is too big or too small for Brad to handle. He is also a very experienced manual tester, with many thousands of cows under his belt (or over his sleeve!). Brad is accredited with the Australian Cattle Vets under their pregCheck (formerly NCPD) scheme, which means he has demonstrated his accuracy, and is held accountable and annually audited on his skill. Thus you can have confidence in the accuracy of his work. The scheme also allows him to certify pregnancy for sale, giving purchasers confidence in the fact that the stated pregnancy status will match the actual pregnancy status of the cattle.

Herd health consultations and advice

Brad understands the economics of running a cattle business. He is well aware that a healthy animal is a productive one, either in its growth or reproduction. By investigating causes of poor production, or even by working with producers who are interested in improving their production even higher, Brad has the ability to help boost productivity and profitability of any farming enterprise.

Low fertility and poor production investigations

Finding a low pregnancy testing rate, or a low weaning rate, is very disappointing, and can be very costly to a cattle business. Brad is experienced in working through the possible causes of these losses, in order to minimise ongoing losses and help prevent recurrences.

Individual cow medicine and surgery

The welfare of individual animals is important, and their value can not be underestimated, especially in this time of high prices. By working with farmers on individual animals, Brad can help you improve the welfare and production of the animals on your farm.

Obstetrics (calvings)

A good outcome of a calving depends on timely intervention by a skilled operator. Brad has extensive experience with calving cows, and the ability to use surgery as a way of improving the outcome if needed.


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